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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need my network, mainframe, email password reset. 
For the directions for how to reset your password, click here.

2. An employee has left the college and needs his computer access deleted.
Please fill out form 105-22 Check out Sheet at NVCC forms and submit it to ITSS. Supervisors can submit an IssueTrak ticket request followed by a 105-45 form requesting staff account to be terminated. 

3. How can I enter grades with I or W?
Contact your division for assistance with I or W grade posting.

4. Does the help desk offer Chat support?
Yes. You can contact the help desk live support @

5. Where can I find information about NVCC online training for Faculty & Staff?
TAC offers tutorials, workshop and training materials to enhance your technology need. Review site link at:

6. What type of account does the Help Desk assist Faculty & Staff to access? 
NVCC and NVSTU Network LAN / Email account, Nova Connect user ID\Password, NOVA alert, Blackboard, Mainframe accounts and Cisco Phone voicemail.

7. Does Faculty & Staff get Web space while teaching or employed at NVCC?
Yes- all fulltime faculty, Adjunct and fulltime staff receives web space.

8. Who should I contact first to change my Name? (Faculty/Staff)
Staff/Faculty must update name change with HR first. Once your name has been change by HR; submit a 105-45 requesting to have your Network user ID and VCCS accounts updated. (Include a contact number and alternate email on the form).

9. When I change my name will I be able to log into the network?
YES. Users will be notified before your user ID is changed. Faculty/staff must contact the IT Help Desk; Once your userID is changed you will be able to log into the network. You must include an alternate email and contact number on the 105-45 form.

  • Contact the help desk within 24-48 hrs after receiving notification of your 105-45 request.
  • Inform the help desk tech why you are calling.
  • Give the ticket request number to the tech. This will help speed up the process of your request.

10. How can I get my LAN or Email password reset? 
Call the IT Help Desk (703) 426-4141 a Technician will reset your account. Due to privacy and security reasons, we cannot reset account passwords via e-mail/chat.

11. How large is Web mail folder?
The average mailbox size limit is 200mb, you will get a warning that the mailbox is over the size limit. Emails will either need to be deleted or archived.

12.What are requirement for VCCS secure password change?
The passwords currently expire every 180 days and the requirements for creating a new password are posted right on the change your password page in Or see the tutorial located at:

New password must have at least seven characters and not more than ten (more password hints).Your password must contain a combination of:

  • At least one UPPERCASE letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one number (0-9)

13. Do NVCC have VCCS tutorials for Faculty/Staff?
Yes. Go to

14. I am a faculty; do I have a student e-mail account?
Yes. All faculty and Staff receive a “” email account and a student account “”

15. Can Adjunct Faculty receive a voice mail box?
Yes. Have you division secretary complete the 105-45 (page 2 – Phone request form). Your Dean Signature is needed on the form. (To download Phone request form - go to (Link- Phone Options/Ordering)

16. If a Faculty/Staff need a headset for their phone how should they request it?
All supplies and headset request must be handled by Division or Individual department

17. My mailbox is over the limit. 
The mailbox size limit is 200 mb. After you reach that limit you will not be able to receive mail. Empty the deleted items folder, remove emails, or setup an archive system.

18. My computer detected a virus.
Attempt cleaning the virus or delete the infected file(s) and email(s). Run Virus Scan software.

19. What can I do about spyware?
You can either call the Help Desk at 703-426-4141 or e-mail them at and request to have it removed.

20. How can I complete the IT Security Awareness Training using MOAT?
You can access MOAT to complete your IT Security Awareness Training at their website. View the attached MOAT User Guide for answers to your questions about everything from logging in and changing passwords to printing your completion certificate. For support questions, please contact