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Mail Archives

What is archiving?

If you receive and send email, your Outlook mailbox will grow in size and eventually approach the size limit. Once the size limit is reached, the account will be locked and you will not be able to receive and send email. One way to reduce the size of your mailbox is to setup a storage system known as Archiving in Outlook. Archives function in the same manner as a file cabinet to papers. Documents which are important but not frequently used can be stored for future access.

Setting up Archives with AutoArchives

AutoArchive is a two step process. First the AutoArchive option must be enabled.

  1. Click on ToolsOptionsOtherAutoArchive.
  2. AutoArchive every XX days must now be checked. You can also determine how often AutoArchive is to be run. AutoArchive will run whenever you start Outlook. The AutoArchive properties of each folder are checked by date, and old items are moved to your archive file. If the emails in your deleted folder match the date set in AutoArchive, the items will be deleted.

Now certain folders must be specified to AutoArchive. InboxNotesContacts, and Drafts do not have AutoArchive activated automatically.

  1. To enable it, right click on the folder. Select PropertiesAutoArchives.
  2. To enable automatic archiving of this folder, select the Clean out items older than check box. Select days or month and a date.

AutoArchive will now be setup and will automatically run when Outlook is opened.

Setting up Archives Manually

  1. Click on FileArchive
  2. Select a folder to archive or the entire mailbox.
  3. Select a date to archive the emails by In Archives older then:
  4. Select Ok.

How to View the Archive File

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, on the File menu choose Open.
  2. Choose Outlook Data File or personal folders file *.pst.
  3. This should automatically open the Outlook folder, where archive folders are stored by default. If your Archive folder is located in another location, then you will need to browse to it.
  4. Select the Archive.pst file and click OK.
  5. The archive folder will now be listed in the Folder List.