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Grants Writer’s Checklist

1.   Identify potential sources of funding that meet strategic goals and meet the needs of the College. (Newsletter, Federal Register, content field publications, Spin, conferences, etc.).

2.  Request RFP/(request for proposal) from Director of Grants & Special Projects or funding sources and read from cover to cover to be sure you understand everything that is involved.

3. Contact Director of Grants & Special Projects if planning on applying for grant. (Be sure to follow any grants procedures established by the College, including seeking approval to write a proposal.)

4.  Contact Director of Grants & Special Projects as needed to seek consultant support and information for development of grant (e.g. programmatic, fiscal, planning, etc.).

5.   Develop a timetable for the planning and preparation of grant. (Aim to be ready for signatures at least a week before the due date to allow yourself adequate time for the last minute things that always seem to go wrong. For large grant applications, try to have a reasonably good draft done at least two-three weeks before deadline.)

6.    Request or collect data, resumes, letters of commitment/support and other
 pertinent information needed to plan, support, and write the proposal.

7.   Complete Proposal NVCC Transmittal Form # 125-48 and prepare proposal, budget, and appropriate attachments or appendices.

8.    Get feedback before finalizing! Ask colleagues, administrators, and the Director of Grants & Special Projects to review the draft narrative and budget, and provide you with suggestions for improvement. Ask the Director of Grants & Special Projects for technical assistance if you need it.

9.   Finalize your proposal and attachments. (To facilitate the signature process, you are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of Grants & Special Projects about the availability of the President so that signature time can be scheduled.)

10.   Hand deliver finalized copy of proposal to Director of the Grants & Special Projects for final review and signature of President.

11.   Duplicate and mail the application. (Pay close attention to what the grant says about the deadline. For grants that must be in the funding source's hands on the due date, it is advisable to overnight mail it with 24 hour delivery and return receipt requested 3-4 days in advance of the deadline. Even overnight mail packages do not always get to their destination when they are supposed to, so allow some extra time.)

Deborah Rosen, Director of Grants & Special Projects
Northern Virginia Community College
4001 Wakefield Chapel Road
307 Brault Building
Annandale, VA  22003
(703) 323-3154

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