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You may not always see Facilities personnel, but you will see the results of their labor: streets clear of snow; working lights; and well maintained grass, trees, and shrubs.

  • Facilities planning and support services deliver campus mail
  • maintain equipment inventories
  • provide vehicles for field trips

Although we do not teach students, we provide the facilities that support teaching. We do not maintain the books in the library, but we maintain the library for the books, most of which were purchased by our Media Processing division.

  • Facilities planning and support services build beautiful new buildings and parking garages
  • provide lighting and landscaping
  • adjust heating and cooling apparatus seasonally
  • respond to work requests from faculty and staff

Whether managing new construction projects, painting the parking lot, or replacing lights, Facilities Planning and Support Services is continually working to support the academic function of NVCC, and to make each campus as beautiful, efficient, and safe as it can be.