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Facilities Planning & Support Services

The Office of Facilities Planning & Support Services is committed to creating and maintaining an ideal environment and to providing the highest possible level of customer service to faculty, staff, students and visitors of NOVA. 

Facilities Planning & Support Services consists of:

  • Administration and Logistics - Administration is responsible for completing all paperwork and managing all accounts associated with facilities, as well as handling human resources matters for Director employees. The logistics side deals with all college vehicles and transportation, as well as the extensive Postal and Distribution function.
  • Operations - Refers to all campus Buildings & Grounds activities and encompasses maintenance activities, grounds and landscape work, and the processing of work orders.
  • Planning and Projects - Handles project requests and is responsible for planning and managing all projects.
  • Purchasing - Oversees all acquisitions and contracts for the college.
  • Media Processing Services (MPS) - Is responsible for purchasing all media, including books and software for college use.

If you have questions, please contact our office at 703.323.3120.

Doing Business With Facilities

Some of the services The Office of Facilities Planning and Buildings & Grounds provide include:

Facilities Planning 

  • Transportation - the college motor pool includes a small fleet of vehicles available for use by college employees for work-required travel. For more information about the College motor pool or vehicle availability, contact the Program Manager or Stacy Borzi at 703.764.0543.
  • Client Services - a client is a member of the Faculty or Staff who initiates and funds a project.  For more information about Client projects, contact your campus Facility Manager.
  • New Construction/Renovation - new construction provides needed classroom and office space and renovation modernizes existing facilities.
  • Safety - the annual Safety Program and safety information are published in every issue of Intercom. If you have safety-related issues, contact your campus Facility Manager or Roger Tancreti at 703.323.3551.

Buildings & Grounds 

  • Maintenance/Repair - includes all buildings, utilities and parking lots on each NOVA campus. If you notice a maintenance issue contact the Facility Manager on your campus.
  • Grounds Upkeep/Snow Removal - maintain all grounds and are responsible for snow removal during inclement weather.
  • Janitorial Services - if you have any cleaning issues contact your campus Facility Manager.

A Project Request is required for...

  • any work that modifies building systems
  • structural work such as moving load bearing walls
  • electrical work such as installing new outlets

This type of work is usually regulated by the building code and may require an inspection.

A Work Request is required for...

  • jobs that do not modify building systems
  • work that is considered routine maintenance and repair like hanging pictures, changing light bulbs and replacing existing hardware 

If you're unsure if your needs require a work request or a project request, contact the Building & Grounds office on your campus, they’ll be happy to help you.

Office Location
8331 Little River Turnpike, CW 312
Annandale, VA 22003-3723
Phone: 703.323.3120
Fax: 703.323.3121