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Planning Process

Northern Virginia Community College uses an on-going planning process to ensure integration of planning and budget, critical institutional functions, and to facilitate informed decision making. NOVA's Administrative Council with the support of the College Planning Office oversees this process.

Our current planning process began with the development of the NOVA Strategic Vision 2015: Gateway to the American Dream that identifies the College's strategic goals through 2015. Once overall goals were established, each campus, administrative unit, and instructional program developed unit plans directly linked to one or more of the College strategic goals. These unit plans consist of indicators that show progress toward meeting the targets identified within the College's strategic goals. Both strategic goals and unit plans were crafted through an inclusive process involving faculty and staff from all departments.

The College conducts a planning and evaluation process on an annual basis. Every campus, administrative unit and instructional program completes its own annual planning and evaluation report reflecting its progress made in meeting its stated goals derived from NOVA Strategic Vision 2015: Gateway to the American Dream. Each of these groups complete all three parts of the annual planning cycle: planning, evaluation and "completing the loop".  

To read more about NOVA's mission and goals and its annual planning and evaluation process, please explore the documents provided in the links below.

Mission, Vision and Goals

Annual Planning and Evaluation 

Annual Planning and Evaluation Reports