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Institutional Effectiveness Reports

NOVA has an established system for assessing institutional effectiveness by gathering data at the institution-level and at the unit-level. Our Annual Planning and Evaluation Reports, submitted at the unit- and sub-unit level, present evidence of goals and achievement of expected outcomes for administrative units, campuses, and instructional programs, and demonstrate the ongoing nature of NOVA’s planning and evaluation process. Other methods for monitoring institutional effectiveness at the institution-level include the Indicators of Institutional Effectiveness reports and the NOVA Dashboard reports. These reports, and others presented below, provide data on critical institutional effectiveness indicators from year-to-year, reveal the extent to which NOVA is achieving its mission, strategic vision, and goals, and provide resources for making evidence-based decisions.  

Indicators of Institutional Effectiveness

NOVA Dashboard

Benchmark Reports

Annual Planning and Evaluation Reports

Annual Snapshot Reports

Selected Trend Data on Disciplines Reports

Selected Fact Books