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Step 1 – Writing Student Learning Outcomes

  • Bloom’s Verbs – A helpful graphic that has the six levels of cognitive skills with corresponding verbs for each level and suggestions for methods of assessment.
  • Empowering Faculty Through Assessment - Explains how faculty and administrators at Lord Fairfax Community College have made assessment a vital practice across campus. Includes a helpful table for Writing SLOs at different intellectual levels from Bloom’ Taxonomy (Simpson, K. 2009).
  • How People Learn - Links insights about how people learn into curricular reforms from Project Kaleidoscope.
  • A Model of Learning Objectives- An interactive Flash-based model of the Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.
  • Teaching Goals Inventory – A self-assessment of instructional goals that could be used to survey faculty regarding what they think are valuable knowledge, skills and attitudes students should gain from the program.
  • Writing Intended Outcomes: Behavioral Outcomes - How to make your outcomes say what you want them to say.
  • Writing SLOs – The first part of NOVA’s second workshop on student learning outcomes.