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Units and Staff

Office of the Vice President - 703.323.3387
Steven Sachs, Vice President, Instructional & Information Technology
Dale Seward, Executive Secretary

Extended Learning Institute - Registration: 703.323.3368 / Course Specialist: 703.323.3347
Jennifer Lerner, Associate Vice President for eLearning
Jana Dattilo, Office Manager
Christopher Brennan, Outreach Specialist
Joanna Knoll, Faculty Liaison
Vacant – Coordinator, Instructional Design and Development
David Ahrens, Instructional Designer
Shaoyu (Sherry) Chi, Instructional Designer
Robert Loser, Instructional Designer
Mary Kot-Jansen, Instructional Designer
Frances McDonald, Instructional Designer
Maureen Madden, Instructional Designer
Vacant – Instructional Designer
Nantana Wongtanasirikul, Instructional Designer
Rong Zhu, Instructional Designer
Alice (Amy) Robertson, Course Design Assistant
Jason Skinner, Course Design Assistant
Deborah Wyne, Director of Student Services
Carletta Mackey, Financial Aid Specialist
Bridget Downey, Student Life Specialist
Jayne Townend, ELI Registrar
Nadia Mobley, Course Specialist
Kimmie Hussein, Course Specialist
Vacant – Course Specialist
Eugenia Crawford, Enrollment Service Assistant
Insil Chang, Registration Specialist
Vacant – Mailroom Manager
Cynthia Pascal, Coordinator of Academic Advising & Retention
Christy Jensen, Counselor
Kimberly Burkle, Counselor
Manny Bartolotta, Counselor
David Highsmith, Counselor
Katie Smith, Prior Learning Specialist
Allison McElfresh, Student Success Coach
Kristin Shriver, Student Success Coach
Erika Coddington, Student Success Coach
Laura Tiglao, Student Success Coach
Sue Picard, Coordinator New Technologies Development
Michelle Gee, Virtual Classroom Administrator
Carol Turner, Coordinator Course Production
John (Tom) Pyron, Information Technology Specialist
Anil Jindal, Information Technology Specialist
Natasha Spokish, Student Technology Support Specialist
Kavitha Ramesh, Database Administrator
Vacant – eSystems Designer
Kenneth Chapman, eNOVA Help Desk Analyst
Preston Davis, Director of Instructional Services
Natalie Clewell, ELI Librarian
Karen Kempter, Testing and Tutoring Specialist
Katie Aimone, Orientation Specialist
Inez Farrell, Director Statewide Distance Learning
Joan Osborne, Faculty Affairs Manager
Vacant – Coordinator, Quality Assurance

Technology Applications Center - 703.323.3488
Flossie (Pamela) Wimbush, Director
Nikkia Anderson, IT Trainer
Barbara Helmick, IT Trainer

Television Center - 703.323.3350
Charles Siegel, Manager
John Stephenson, Chief Engineer
Tony Matthews, TV Systems Technician 
Lance Graham, TV/Video Production Technician 
Gene Ertel, TV/Video Producer/Director  

Information Technology Support Services - 703.323.3278 
Allen Sinner, Director
Ejaz Abbasi, Server & Database Engineer
Pat Anderson, Administrative Assistant
Judy Boose, Telecommunications Assistant
Haworth (Cap) Bromley, Network Engineer
Michael Cho, Network Engineer
Nicklaus Combs, IT Security
Randy Dotson, Chief Network Engineer
Andre Evans-Rose, Chief Telecommunications Engineer
Athar Hameed, Chief Server& Database Engineer
Cliff Johnson, Chief IT Security Engineer
Choon Lee, Telecommunications Engineer
Wayne Marple, System Accounts
Khear Sing, System Accounts
Eric Thompson, Server Engineer
Stephen Tim-Young, Systems Accounts Manager
Tony Wiggins, Telecommunications Engineer 

College Information Systems - 703.323.3393
Art Cavanagh, Director of College Information Systems 
Jeffrey Petrarca, Director of Technical Applications
Sue Liller, Policy and Planning Specialist II
Kathy Vessey, Policy and Planning Specialist II
Tiffany Chau, Policy and Planning Specialist II
Chun Cheung, Policy & Planning Specialist II
Erendira Mathias, Policy & Planning Specialist I
Douglas Michel, Programmer/Analyst
Robin Gold, Programmer/Analyst
Sushama Rath, Senior System Analyst 
Richard Bautista, Programmer/Analyst 
Wayne Marple, Programmer/Analyst
Mingfang Liu, Programmer/Analyst 
Allen Schmidt, Programmer/Analyst 
Mary Ansoff, Programmer/Analyst 
Bob Ferenc, Programmer/Analyst 
Hoa Le, Computer Operations Technician II   
Carol Sullivan, Projects Assistant

Information Technology Applications Project Management - 703.323.3278
Aaron Raffle, Director
Jamie DeMonaco, IT Applications Engineer
Patrick McDonald, Project Manager (consultant)
Julio Mondonedo, Document Imaging Project Manager
Carlo Solano, Applications Developer
Curtis Wilson, Intranet Engineer

Client Services - 703.764.7773
Wayne Ledford, Director, IT Client Services
Peter Tharp, Information Technology Manager - CS
Sheila Dorsey, College Staff - ITS
Lyle Fanelli, MEC Lead IT Specialist
Jamie Erdman, MEC ITS
Muhammad Khan, MEC ITS
Deb Sharma, MEC ITS

IT Help Desk
Rae Smith Watson, Customer Service Manager
Edwin Deleon, ITHD Analyst
Beniyam Eshetu, ITHD Analyst
Joel Hale, ITHD Lead\Backup Supervisor
Ayomichi lzegbu, ITHD Analyst
Binsar Manurung, ITHD Analyst
Paulette Nginn, ITHD Analyst
Bertrand Tchuisse, ITHD Analyst\Evening Lead
Teresa Tran, ITHD Analyst
Marcus Valentine, ITHD Analyst