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Mission Statements

Dean of Instructional & Information Technology

The mission of the Dean of Information Technology Office is to support, encourage and enhance the use of technology by faculty, staff and students by providing planning, budgeting and leadership for technology; and by administering the College's technical support units. These units will provide technical infrastructure, College web site maintenance, programming, training, design consulting, and leadership for technology.

Extended Learning Institute

The mission of the Extended Learning Institute is to design and implement for distant learners excellent and innovative instruction and delivery systems including formats that combine distance education and classroom instruction, independent study, or individualized learning.

College Information Systems (formerly Programming Support Services)

The mission of Programming Support Services is to analyze and translate college business rules and processes into automated applications; support Information Systems needed for processing students, faculty and staff such that databases are built and maintained in accordance to policies and procedures and the enterprise data integrity is ensured. Customization and system integration are among the primary functions of this unit as well. In addition to supporting Information Systems, the mission of the unit is to disseminate accurate information to user community. That is accomplished by generating reports electronically or via printout.

Technical Applications Center

The Technical Applications Center's (TAC) mission is to provide assistance to faculty and staff in selecting, developing, and producing modern, PC-based applications to improve teaching and learning, identify barriers to technology use and recommend realistic strategies for overcoming those barriers, and to support technology initiatives College-wide. To meet this mission, TAC assists faculty and staff through workshops, small group consultation, and individual consultations evaluates existing courses and business practices to identify opportunities for improving services through technology.

Information Technology Support Services

The mission of the Technical Support Services department (TSS) is to manage and operate college-wide information systems and to coordinate support for the college information infrastructure in order to meet the academic and administrative computing needs of the college. The services that TSS provides college-wide include help desk, email, web server, academic server, database, telecommunications, IT security, and knowledge management services.

Television Center

Provide video production and delivery support services to the college community as well as operate and maintain video telecommunications networks in order to further the college’s mission of providing educational opportunities to the community through distance learning.