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Who We Are

Location: Pender Four, 3922 Pender Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703.323.3278

Information Technology Support Services

  • Allen Sinner, Director
  • Ejaz Abbasi, Server & Database Engineer
  • Lubna Abbasi, Information Support Technician
  • Pat Anderson, Administrative Assistant
  • Judy Boose, Telecommunications Assistant
  • Haworth (Cap) Bromley, Network Engineer
  • Michael Cho, Network Engineer
  • Nicklaus Combs, IT Security
  • Randy Dotson, Chief Network Engineer
  • Michael Eaton, Network Engineer
  • Michael Ernst, Network Engineer
  • Andre Evans-Rose, Chief Telecommunications Engineer
  • Paul Haines, Network Engineer (Consultant)
  • Athar Hameed, Chief Server& Database Engineer
  • Alexander Hazelworth, Information Support Technician
  • Anil Jindal, Information Support Technician
  • Cliff Johnson, Chief IT Security Engineer
  • Stephan Kuehl, Public Safety Server Engineer
  • Chipp Kuldell, Network Engineer (Consultant)
  • Choon Lee, Telecommunications Engineer
  • Wayne Marple, System Accounts
  • Patrick Outlaw, Network Engineer (Consultant)
  • Khear Sing, System Accounts
  • Peter Tharp, Information Support Technician Manager
  • Stephen Tim-Young, Systems Accounts Manager
  • Tony Wiggins, Telecommunications Engineer

Information Technology Applications Project Management

  • Aaron Raffle, Director
  • Jamie DeMonaco, IT Applications Engineer (Consultant)
  • Julio Mondonedo, Document Imaging Project Manager
  • Carlo Solano, Applications Developer
  • Curtis Wilson, Intranet Engineer
  • Sivakumar Sundaram, Intranet Developer (Consultant)
  • Jennifer Kim, Forms Developer (Consultant)
  • Barbara Donato, Applications Developer (Consultant)

IT Help Desk

  • Rae Smith Watson, Customer Service Manager
  • Joel Hale, ITHD Lead\Back Up Supervisor
  • Ayomichi lzegbu, ITHD Analyst
  • Binsar Manurung, ITHD Analyst
  • Paulette Nginn, ITHD Analyst
  • Bertrand Tchuisse, ITHD Analyst\Evening Lead
  • Teresa Tran, ITHD Analyst
  • Marcus Valentine, ITHD Analyst
  • Jose Sorto-Larios, ITHD Analyst


  • Pat Anderson, ITSS & ITAPM Administrative Assistant
  • Judy Boose, Telcom Assistant


  • Randy Dotson, Senior Network Engineer
  • Cap Bromley, Networking Infrastructure Engineer
  • Michael Cho, Network Engineer


  • Athar Hameed, Senior Systems Engineer
  • Ejaz Abbasi, Server & Database Engineer
  • Ansar Ahmed, Server Engineer (Consultant)


  • Cliff Johnson, Chief IT Security
  • Nick Combs, IT Security
  • Stephen Tim-Young, Systems Accounts Manager
  • Wayne Marple, System Account Administrator
  • Ryan Robidoux, Security Analyst (ESI Consultant)
  • Khear Sing, System Account Administrator


  • Andre Evans-Ross, Chief Telecommunications Engineer
  • Tony Wiggins, Telecommunications Engineer
  • Choon Lee, Telecommunications Engineer

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