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Information Technology Support Services

The Office of Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) is part of the Office of Instructional and Information Technology. The services we provide include IT project management, IT quality assurance, IT procurement, the IT Help Desk, IT security, telecommunications services, network management, database administration and the college data center which hosts email, Web and other college-wide systems.

ITSS manages and operates college-wide information systems and coordinates support for the college information infrastructure in order to meet the academic and administrative needs of the college.

We are working to meet the following IT strategic goals:

  • Maintain excellent customer service
  • Insure efficient use of college financial resources, assets and personnel
  • Improve college communications
  • Institute IT operations and project management best practices
  • Institute skills management systems
  • Implement IT management tools and systems
  • Set up any time, any where data access
  • Set up efficient data processing
  • Set up efficient data storage
  • Implement effective IT security and disaster planning
  • Implement effective reporting and accountability systems
  • Video Surveillance 
  • NOVA Intranet

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