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Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees recommends the College Senate nominations to be made to the president of the College for appointment to the Standing Committees of the College; nominations for election to the two College Forum committees for the subsequent year; nominations for election to Standing Senate Committees for the subsequent year; and recommends to the chair of the Senate, on the Chair’s request, nominations for appointment or election to special Senate committees. The committee also makes a continuous study of the distribution of College and Senate committee assignments to assure equitable distribution among campuses, divisions, and other areas of the College; call for the best expertise and talents of the College available for the work of the given committee; establish means and procedures to discover special interests and abilities of individuals willing to serve on College committees; recommend the formation or abolition of College or Senate committees; and other duties as may be delegated to it by the Senate.


Current Members:

Alice Reagan (WO), Chair
Kathleen Callahan (MA)

Stewart Edwards (AN)
N.V. Fitton (AL)

Kimberly Nicely (MEC)
William Straight (LO)


There are no agendas available at this time.


There are no minutes available at this time.