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Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee (ITC) serves as an oversight committee on matters of information technology and is responsible for setting the information technology strategic direction of the College. The committee recommends college information technology policies, procedures and standards; reviews and recommends priorities for the development of applications and for capital requests; and serves as an information-sharing forum. The committee is advisory to the vice president of Instructional and Information Technology with policy recommendations and technology plans recommended to the president for consideration by the Administrative Council. The committee is appointed annually by the president.


Current Members:

Mark Beattie (AN)
Michael Carrington (MEC)
Deshaun Davis (WO)
April De La Rosa (CS)
Dimitrina Dimkova (CS)
Lorinzo Foxworth (CS)
Jacqueline Gage (LO)

Behrouz Ghofrany (AN)
Sam Hill (WO)
Jennifer Lerner (CS)
Roger Ramsammy (MA)
Steve Sachs (CS), Chair
Mel Schiavelli (CS)

Bernard Schmidt (MA)
Cathy Simpson (CS)
Allen Sinner (CS)
Angela Terry (AL)
Julia Turner (LO)
Frances Villagran-Glover (AL)
Bo Yang (WO)