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Hearing Committee Panel

The Hearing Committee Panel implements the provisions of the Faculty Sanctions and Faculty Grievance Procedures. The panel provides prospective committee members for the ad hoc committees provided for in these procedures. The faculty members of the Ad Hoc Appointment Advisory Committee are also selected from this panel. The committee is appointed annually by the president.


Current Members:
*Presidential Appointments

Heidi Adamson (MA)*
Joseph Agnich, (LO)*
Daria Amato (MEC)
Edward Banas (WO)
Cheri Bridgeforth (AN)
Kathleen Callahan (MA)
David Conroy (AN)
Edward Delean (AL)
Celeste Dubeck-Smith (AN)*
Christal Edwards (WO)
Abe Eftekhari (AN)*
David Epstein (WO)*

Monica Feazell (AL)
Steven Fritsche (MA)
Kathy Grilliot (MEC)
Elizabeth Harlan (AN)
Roberta Heffernan (MEC)
Howard Kelley (MEC)*
Bipin Khana (WO)
Chad Knights (AL)*
Pamela Manuel (WO)
Jimmie McClellan (AL)*
Walter O’Brien (AN)

Rosary Ossario (MEC)
Josh Pachter (LO)
Anitza SanMiguel (MA)*
Stephanie Semler (LO)
Christopher Stallings (WO)
Neal Stenlund (AL)
Frederick Terranova (LO)
Alison Thimblin (WO)*
Snejana Topalova (AL)
Alicia Tucker (MA)
Lucy Weber (LO)


There are no agendas available at this time.


There are no minutes available at this time.