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College Scholarship Committee

The College Scholarship Committee collects and disseminates information pertaining to available scholarships and other financial aid. The committee also selects recipients for scholarships as designated by donors and nominates students for consideration by donors if requested. The committee proportions available scholarships and aid to each of the campuses fairly and equitably. Appropriate recommendations are made to the executive vice president for Academic and Student Services. The committee is appointed annually by the president.


Current Members:

Lisa A. Branson (MA)
Kathy Callahan (MA)
Jeremy Cook (LO)
Everett Eberhardt (CS)
Ellen Fancher-Ruiz (AN)
Anita Freeman (MEC)
Florine Greenberg (AN)
Elizabeth Harper (CS)
Bonnie Idle (CS) 

Mark Kidd (MA)
Tykesha Myrick (WO)
Catherine Parra (LO)
Jacquelyn Peterson (WO)
Rashida Rowther (AN)
John Riemer (MEC)
Dora Espita (AL)
Delores Scott (AL) 

Steve Suetterlein (AL)
Michael Turner (WO)
Beatrice Veney (MEC), Chair
Debbie Wyne (LO)
J. Clint Young (AN)
Joan Zanders (CS), Exec Sec
Jack Zegeer (LO)


There are no minutes available at this time.