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Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee considers recommendations from the budget director on the methodology for allocation of resources on the basis of institutional priorities set forth in institutional planning documents like the Budget Guidelines, College Plan, and related campus and ELI plans. The Committee's recommendations are submitted to the vice president of finance who forwards them, with the vice president’s recommended action, to the president. The committee is appointed annually by the president.


Current Members:

Joseph Agnich (LO)
Ron Buchanan (AL), Chair
Diana Cline (CS)
Ina Dimkova (CS)
George Gabriel (CS)
Cynthia Heisler (WO)

Jill Mitchell (AN)
Steven Sachs (CS)
Joann Short (AN)
Rick Tittmann (AN)
Frances Villagran-Glover (AL)


There are no agendas available at this time.


There are no minutes available at this time.