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College Senate

The College Senate forms their opinions on any subject relevant to the College's interests and makes suggestions or recommendations to the appropriate College committee, officer, or Campus Council for further consideration.

The College Senate seeks advice from and makes policy recommendations to the President of the College, the appropriate College Committee, and/or Campus Council for further consideration, and in all areas of College activity. It may establish standing and special committees to deal with specific issues. The College Senate may also elect to submit recommendations to the NOVA Board of Directors through the President of the College.

The College Senate nominates representatives for appointment to College Standing committees and elects members to the College Forum Committees.

2013-2015 Membership

Chair: Diane Mucci
Vice Chair: Alice Reagan
College Recorder: Norie Flowers

Alexandria Campus

Teaching FacultyClassified StaffAdministrative Faculty
Emily Chiles Shirley Delgado Matt Todd
Margaret Emblom-Callahan    
Angela Terry

Annandale Campus

Teaching FacultyClassified StaffAdministrative Faculty
Laura Albert Felicia Blakeney Celeste Dubeck-Smith
Jo Ann Short    
DeQuan Smith

Loudoun Campus

Teaching FacultyClassified Staff
Scott Matthews Radina Mileva
Diane Mucci, Chair  
Bridget Pool

Manassas Campus

Teaching FacultyClassified Staff
Susannah Givens Corey Esparza
Barbara Lash Marcie Schreibman

Medical Education Campus

Teaching FacultyClassified StaffAdministrative Faculty
Karen Gordon Cherelle Faust Marion Devoe
Mary Moseley
Paula Smith

Woodbridge Campus

Teaching FacultyClassified Staff
Margaret Davies Cynthia Alvarado
Lori Leeker
Alice Reagan, Vice Chair

Extended Learning Institute

Teaching Faculty
Michelle Franz

College Staff

Classified Staff
Steve Bennett

Presidential Appointees

Tony Bansal Classified Staff
Ellen Fancher-Ruiz  AN Administrative Faculty
Chad Knights AL Administrative Faculty
Milan Hayward Classified Staff
Roger Ramsammy MA Administrative Faculty