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Senate Appointments to VCCS/State Committees

Chancellor's Faculty Advisory

The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee counsels the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System on system-wide issues. The committee meets at the call of the Chancellor to deliberate and make recommendations on items in a formal agenda set by the Chancellor. Membership consists of one faculty member from each of the VCCS colleges.

Charles Errico WO TF

Faculty Senate of Virginia

The Faculty Senate of Virginia acts as a representative voice for private and public college and university faculties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Faculty Senate acts in an advisory and resource capacity in matters of higher education and participates in the formation of policies on academic, educational, administrative, and professional concerns affecting its constituent faculties.

Anne Kuhta MA TF
Jack Lechelt AL TF
Elizabeth Harrison AL TF

State Appeals Panel

The State Appeals Panel conducts the Faculty Grievance Procedure. Each college in the VCCS elects two representatives – one administrator and one teaching faculty member, counselor or librarian. The College Senate elects the representatives of Northern Virginia Community College.

Edward Banas WO TF
Sandra Beeson CS AF