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Administrative Services Procedures Manual

The Administrative Services Procedures Manual (ASPM) is a compendium of approved College processes intended to guide faculty and staff as they go about the College's day-to-day business.  This manual reflects the operational philosophies and realities of a dynamic educational institution, and as such, the processes of the College, and the policies which underpin those processes, change from time to time.  While we strive to update the sections of this manual to reflect current policies and procedures, changes occasionally render parts of the manual obsolete.  Members of the College family should also refer to the Intercom and the notes of the Administrative Council for the most recent information about College policy and procedure.

Nothing in the ASPM shall be interpreted as creating any right or benefit not otherwise provided by law, or which is contrary to any applicable law, policy, rule or regulation of the United States or the Commonwealth of Virginia and its agencies.

The Introduction - ASPM Purpose and Use provides more information on this manual's purpose, background, limitations and on its revision procedures.

Table of Contents

The list below provides links to all ASPM sections (with 'revised' dates) that are currently approved.  If the policy or procedure you are seeking does not indicate a recent revision, please contact the responsible department for more information or clarification.  

2 Inprocessing and Compensation
8 Gifts, Grants and Contracts
9 College Agreements & Affiliations Collaborative & Consortial Relationships
10 Purchasing
11 Associations and Institutional Memberships
12 Inventory Management and State Surplus Property
17 Use of State-Owned Vehicles
19 Supplementary Classroom and Laboratory Materials
21 Telephone Services
22 Printing
23 Maintenance and Repair of Buildings and Grounds
24 Information Technology Services
25 Learning Resource Services and Media Processing Services
27 Postal & Distribution Services Center
28 Emergency Plans/Fire-Prevention Plan
29 Copyright and Intellectual Property
30 Student Activities
33 Annual Budgets
34 Confidentiality of Student Records
36 Grades Processing
37 Key Distribution