NOVA/GMU Articulation Agreement




NOVA Courses

Prefix and Number

Course Title

Fulfills Mason Requirements

General Education

ENG 111 (3)

 College Composition I

ENG 101 Written Communication [English Comp]


SPD 100 (3)

Intro to Public Speaking

COM 100 Oral Communication [Humanities]


Social Science (3)

Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, History, Psychology, Sociology

[Social Science]


MTH 151 (3)

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts I

MTH 106 Quantitative Reasoning [Science/Analytical Reasoning]


ITE 115 (3)

Intro to Computer Applications & Concepts
*not a curricular requirement for the AAS, but many students take it to meet the core computer competency graduation requirement

IT 103 Information Technology [Science/Analytical Reasoning]


PSY 235 (3)

Child Psychology

PSYC 313L Child Psychology [Social Science]

AAS Requirements

Core Courses



CHD 120 (3)

Intro to Early Childhood Education



CHD 118 (3)

Language Arts for Young Children



CHD 146 (3)

Math, Science, and Social Studies for Children



CHD 165 (3)

Observation and Participation



CHD 166 (3)

Infant and Toddler Programs



CHD 205 (3)

Guiding the Behavior of Children



CHD 210 (3)

Intro to Exceptional Children



CHD 215 (3)

Models of Early Childhood Ed. Programs



CHD 216 (3)

Early Childhood Programs, School & Social Change



CHD 265 (3)

Advanced Observation and Participation



CHD 270 (3)

Administration of Childcare Programs



CHD 298 (1)

Seminar and Project



EDU 235 (3)

Health, Safety and Nutrition Education



55 (includes ITE 115, but not all courses required for the AAS)






(Some equivalent courses may be taken at NOVA if student still meets Mason's residency requirement.)




MASON Courses

Prefix and Number

Course Title


General Education
(22 credits total)

ENG 302 (3)

Advanced Composition

ENG 302 Written Communication;Pre-requisite for BIS 390


Lab science (4) [i.e., BIOL 103, 104/ASTR 111]
Non-lab science (3) [i.e., UNIV 301/ GEOG 102/CHEM 101]

Intro to Biology I
Intro to Biology II
Intro to Modern Astronomy I

Great Ideas in Science
Physical Geography
Intro to Modern Chemistry
(may also take another lab science)

Natural Science [Science/Analytical Reasoning]


Humanities (3)

May take 200-level Literature at NOVA to meet this course requirement.



Arts [i.e., ARTH 303] (3)


Fine Art [Humanities]


Social Science (3)


[Social Science]


Electives (6-7)



BIS Concentration

Prefix and Number

Course Title

Fulfills Mason Requirements

(34 credits including 6 NOVA credits)

BIS 300 (3)

Understanding Multidisciplinary Studies

BIS Core

  • • CHD 215 (3)

BIS 390 (3)

Research Process

BIS Core; Writing Intensive

  • • EDU 235 (3)

BIS 490 (3)

Senior Project

BIS Core; Synthesis


BIS 491 (1)

Senior Project Presentation

BIS Core


EDUC 302 (3)

Human Growth/Development



SOCI 303 or GOVT 300 (3)

Basic Research Methods

[Pre-requisite for BIS 390]


Self-selected courses (6)

Relevant courses for major based on student's background and goals


6 credits from the AAS Core Coursework will be applied to concentration

EDUT 413 (3)


EDUT 414 (3)

Language Development and Emergent Literacy for Diverse Learners, Ages 3-5

Creating Environments and Adapting Curriculum for Diverse Learners, Ages 3-5



EDUT 423 (3)


EDUT 424 (3)

Language Acquisition and Communication for Diverse Infants and Toddlers

Culturally, Linguistically, and Developmentally Appropriate Practices with Infants, Toddlers, and their Families


Minor in Business (15 credits)

MSOM 300 (3)

Managing Financial Resources



MSOM 301 (3)

Managing People and Organizations



MSOM 303 (3)

Marketing in a Global Economy



MSOM 304 (3)

Entrepreneurship: Staring an Enterprise



MSOM 305 (3)

Managing in a Global Economy

Global Understanding

TOTAL GMU credits


65 Credits


46 upper division