About the VCCS Northern Virginia Regional Center
 Sponsored by the Virginia Community College System  as part of the VCCS Professional Development Initiative  

"Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique--good teaching comes from
 the identity and integrity of the teacher."    Parker Palmer


Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence
provide a forum for dialogue and reflection on the art and practice
of teaching by focusing on four themes:






Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence
 embrace the following principles:

Providing a forum for cross-institutional professional

Modeling co-learner environments

Discovering the art of teaching as a developmental process

Cultivating a community of reflective practitioners

Building collective ethical wisdom

Advancing instructional methods through experimentation and innovation


Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence
provide a forum for dialogue, reflection and enhancement of teaching,    
  and modeling an innovative learning community.

 Program Areas Designated By Faculty
 in the Northern Virginia Region

Teaching Strategies
  [Instructional design, effective teaching methods, cooperative learning,
art of teaching, strategies for distancelearning,effective learning
environments and service learning.]

Learning Styles
[Understanding student differences in learning styles, students with
 learning disabilities, collaborative learning, cooperative learning,
 self-directed learning and more.]

[Dealing with diversity, cultural and ethnic differences,  gender equity,
 global issues, globalizing the curriculum and the community college.]

Instructional Technology
[The effective use of technology in the classroom, internet applications and online conferencing.]

Teacher & Student Assessment
[Peer mentoring to improve effectiveness, videotaping instruction and
 assessing teacher effectiveness. Developing criteria and rubrics for assessing student learning.]

 [Looking for innovative teaching and learning strategies.]


 Center Chair

Dr. Rosalyn M. King
Professor of Psychology
Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus
21200 Campus Drive
Sterling,  VA  20164
Phone: (w) 703-450-2629
E-mail: roking@nvcc.edu

 Campus Representatives

Germanna Community College

Fredericksburg Campus

Mr. Terry Rooker
Information Systems Tech

Locust Grove Campus

Ms. Karen Mittura
Professor of Nursing

Ms. Phyllis Smith
Associate Professor of Nursing

Ms. Patricia Lisk
Professor of Nursing


Lord Fairfax Community College

Middletown Campus

Ms. Joan Osborne
Director of Instructional Technology

Fauquier Campus
Ms. Nicole Martin
 Instructor of History and Humanities


  Northern Virginia Community College
Alexandria Campus

Dr. James Baer
Professor of History

Dr. Robert LeRosen
 Professor of Business Administration & Management


Annandale Campus

Ms. Trudy Gillevet
Professor of Biology and Natural Sciences

Ms. Nan Peck
Professor,Speech and Communications
Coordinator, CETL

Loudoun Campus

Mr. Chris Blake
 Assistant Professor of Spanish

Ms. Barbara Crain
Assistant Professor of Geography


Manassas Campus

Dr. Laura Bhadra
Assistant Professor of Economics

Ms. Patricia Lazzarino
Math Center Coordinator

Woodbridge Campus

Ms. Barbara Gershman
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Charles Kellerman
Professor of Instructional Technology

Dr. Bipin Khana
Associate Professor of Economics


Medical Education Campus

Ms. Patricia Ottavio
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Ms. Neelam Sharma
Associate Professor of Nursing

Extended Learning Institute

Ms. Joan Trabandt
Assistant Professor & Instructional Technologist

 Role of Campus Representatives

Campus representatives are located on each campus and their role is to serve as liaison
 to full-time and adjunct teaching faculty, determining faculty professional development needs.

 Faculty are encouraged to get to know their campus representatives and dialogue
with them on an ongoing basis about how the VCCS Center for Teaching Excellence can
 meet your professional development needs.

We also encourage faculty to share their innovative teaching strategies
 and make contributions to the Center's ongoing dialogue and
 activities about teaching and learning.