Kirk Waldroff
Saints and Fables
Prints and Print-based Sculpture
January 11 - February 12, 2010



I draw great inspiration from art that I consider beautifully melancholy and aim to make pieces that are at once dark, humorous, and thought-provoking. I often draw upon religious imagery and enjoy employing social and historical themes as well.

Since the beginning of my education in art, I have been most attracted to printmaking. I enjoy the methodology as well as the very tactile link to the past this medium provides.  In addition, printmaking is uniquely poised to integrate and borrow from new technologies and methods. My most recent glass and concrete cast-prints blend the traditional art of woodblock printing with innovative techniques in sculptural casting and are certainly the only of their kind.

Having long since discarded ideas of achieving fame and fortune, I aspire simply to always find joy in creating. If a viewer is in some way stirred, then I recognize a welcome and appreciated benefit.

                                                  - Kirk Waldroff

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