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General Requirements for Application

Applicants must adhere to the general requirements for the veterinary technology program. These requirements are in the NOVA Catalog under Programs of Study.

Important Dates

  • A new class starts every Fall.
  • Application packets for the online program must be postmarked by May 1.

It is important that applicants who wish to apply to the Online Veterinary Technology Program proceed with the application process as soon as possible. There are time sensitive materials and documents that have to be gathered, organized and reviewed by the Online Program Head in time for the interview process. Only students with completed applications will be considered for an interview.

Please note, there is no formal application form but candidates must print out, initial and include a Pre-Admissions Checklist as a cover sheet before mailing all of the following materials in one final application package.


1. Use the Pre-Admissions Checklist to guide you.

  • Print out and initial a Pre-Admissions Checklist to acknowledge that you have met the minimum requirements and are including all required materials needed to apply to the program.
  • This Pre-Admissions Checklist should be included as the cover page and mailed with your entire application package. 
  • Please make sure to submit your application materials as one entire package. Application materials will not be accepted on an individual, piece-by-piece basis.

2. Apply for admission to NOVA. You will receive an EMPID number (student identification number) and a Virginia Community College System (VCCS) email account will be secured.

  • If you are a current NOVA student, please skip this step, you do not need to reapply. However, you will need to change the status of your current NOVA Campus to the NOVA Loudoun Campus
  • If you are a returning NOVA student, and it has been a while since you have taken classes, you may need to reapply to reactivate your status.     
  • The application is submitted online at www.nvcc.edu. Click on the tab APPLY NOW in the top right corner of the NOVA home page.
  • Make sure to record the password you use to complete the application; you will use this password to log on to the myNOVA system later.
  • At the end of the application process, pay specific attention to obtaining your EMPLID # and your USER NAME.

If you encounter any problems with the application process, please contact Student Services at any NOVA campus or the IT Help Desk at 703.426.4141.

3. Request official copies of all your high school and college (if applicable) transcripts so that you may include them in your application package.

  • Your high school transcript is NOT needed IF you have taken college coursework or possess a college degree AND your college transcript shows evidence of the minimum requirements (Algebra, Biology, and Chemistry with a “C” or better). However, if you are unable to show these minimum course requirements on a college transcript, be sure to also send your high school transcript.
  • Request your school(s) to send you at least one official transcript copy from each institution to your home address. Do not open the transcripts. Include each school’s unopened, official transcript(s) as part of your final application package. It is recommended that you acquire an additional second copy to be kept by you for your own records.

4. Letter of Intent – All applicants must submit a typed letter of intent with a 2-page limit. The letter of intent should include:

  • Your full name and EMPLID student number.
  • Your current contact information -- mailing address, home/cell phone number.
  • Dated and signed by the applicant.
  • Describe your work with live animals, academic background, professional work experience, and the reason why you want to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. You may attach any additional information to your packet such as a resume, awards and certificates.
  • Address the letter to:
    Dr. Kiana Adkisson-Selby
    NOVA – Loudoun Campus - Natural & Applied Science Division
    21200 Campus Drive
    Sterling, VA 20164

5. Obtain two professional letters of recommendations individually in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Dr. Kiana Adkisson-Selby
NOVA – Loudoun Campus - Natural & Applied Science Division
21200 Campus Drive
Sterling, VA 20164

  • One of the letters must be from your Veterinary Mentor.
  • DO NOT mail individual letters directly to the program. Both letters of reference must be included with your application package.
  • Request that each person writing a reference letter seal the envelope, then sign and date across the back of the sealed envelope. The person should then provide the letter to you for inclusion with your application packet. This action shows that the letter is official and that the applicant has not seen its content.
  • Letters of reference may not come from personally-related family members.
  • Letters of reference should be obtained from people whom you know well. Examples are: work supervisors, high school teachers or counselors, college professors or counselor, or people for whom you have completed volunteer service.

6. Complete NOVA placement tests for reading, writing and mathematics with satisfactory scores and submit scores to the Veterinary Technology Program.   
You DO NOT have to take these placement tests if you fit into any one of the following categories:

  • You are a current NOVA student and you have already taken the English and Math placement tests.
  • You are a current NOVA student and you have already completed English 111 (you do not need to re-take the English placement test).
  • You are a current NOVA student and you have already completed a Math course (you do not need to re-take the Math placement test).
  • You are a student who has earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from another accredited school.
  • You are a student transferring in an English 101 or a college-level credit math course (pass/fail math courses do not count) from another accredited college with at least a “C”.

7. Download the Memorandum of Agreement forms, the Task List, and Equipment Check List. Have your mentor complete the Mentor Memorandum of Agreement, Task List and Equipment Check List. You complete the College Memorandum of Agreement and Student Memorandum of Agreement forms. You must print them out, and return the completed forms with signatures via regular mail in your application package or in person. Do not email electronic copies or scans.

8. Mail your application package with the required documents to:

Dr. Kiana Adkisson-Selby
NOVA - Loudoun Campus
21200 Campus Drive
Sterling, VA 20164

9. Once your application has been received, reviewed and found to be complete, you may be eligible for an interview. If eligible, you will be contacted by the administrative assistant to set a date and time for a face-to-face interview with the Online Program Head.

10. Need assistance or have questions about your application status? Use this Contact Form for application inquiries.