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Exhibitions Calendar - Waddell Art Gallery

Exhibitions Calendar - 2017

January 9 to February 10

Yvette Kraft
Drawings and Paintings

Drawings and Paintings

Artist Bio
My fascination and my goal are to understand various human beings and how they differ from each other. I often go into the community with my sketchbook and draw people that interest me. I am attracted to their personalities and their physical appearance. It could be the way they are sitting on a chair or walking in the rain with an umbrella, or possibly even wearing an unusual hat that delights and inspires me.

February 20 to March 24

Ron Meick
Crumpled Prints

Crumpled Prints

Artist Bio
This is a multi-year series of small monotypes and dry points. They have been carefully printed, colored, and then crumpled. It is a process of compression, concentration, and unpredictable outcomes that occur commonly during the creative practice.

April 3 to April 28

Student Art Exhibition

Student Art Exhibition

This exhibit will feature student works from both the Communication Design and Fine Arts programs. Examples of Graphic Design, Visual Imagery, Multimedia Design, Animation, and Web Design from the Communication Design program. Ceramics, Design, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and sculpture from the Fine Art program. A must see show!

May 14 to June 16
August 15 to September 15

Art Faculty Exhibition

September 25 to October 27
Jessica Gardner
November 6 to Devember 8
Gail Péan, Protecting Mother Earth, impasto oil paintings.